«ОсвітАналітика» Аналітичний Центр Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка

Our projects

Aim of the study: to assess the status of vocational education in Kyiv city from the standpoint of quality, attractiveness and compliance with expectations of employers. 

Result: analytical report, recommendations given to the Kyiv City State Administration on improving the optimization plan of the city’s network of vocational schools and increasing their attractiveness

Key expert: Liudmyla Ilyich, Dr.Sci in Economics  

Ми в соцмережах

Aim of the study: to identify the current state of the development of pedagogical, management and financial autonomy in the general secondary educational institutions. 

Result: analytical report. 

Key expert: Kostyantyn Lyniov, PhD in Public Administration 

Aim of the study: to identify the current state of Mathematics and Natural Science education and knowledge acquisition by the school students in Kyiv city.

Result: analytical report; recommendations.

Key expert: Volodymyr Proshkin, Dr.Sci in Pedagogy  

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