«ОсвітАналітика» Аналітичний Центр Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка

About us


OsvitAnalityka is a think tank based at the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University that analyses the educational policy and offers possible management solutions to improve the quality of education in our country.

The think tank was established with the support of the Think Tank Development Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) with funding from the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

Ми в соцмережах


Director of the think tank «OsvitAnalityka» 

Deputy director, fundraising manager

Research associate, analyst

Our experts

Rector of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Vice-Rector for Academic and International Affairs of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Dr. Sci. in Economics, Associate Professor

Dr. Sci. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor

Nataliia Morze

Dr. Sci. in Pedagogy, professor

Supervisory and Expert Board

Olena Fidanian

Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Kyiv City State Administration

Volodymyr Bakhrushyn

Professor of the Department of System Analysis and Computational Mathematics of National University «Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic», Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Svitlana Kalashnikova

Director of the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Dr. Sci in Pedagogy, Professor

Annual Report

The 2020 annual report of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University’s think tank “OsvitAnalityka” can be found below.


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